BL & Associés

Valérie BOGAERT has been a lawyer at the Paris bar since 1997. She has worked with the US firms Coudert Frères and PwC and headed up the employment law group practice of Sarau Thomas Coudert. In 2012, she set up her own law firm before joining BL & Associés as a partner in September 2016.

Valérie specialises in employment law and social security law, providing advice to business leaders and HR managers on the legal aspects of employment-related issues. Thanks to her excellent English and in-depth international experience she can offer foreign companies valuable help with understanding employment law in France. She works with clients in a wide range of business sectors including new technologies, finance, IT, hospitality, services, telecoms, wines and spirits, industry and fashion. She also has significant experience in dealing with employment law issues in public companies whose employee relations are governed directly by statute law.

Valérie lectures at the University of Cergy to students following the Master 2 Corporate Law programme.

Education: Valérie holds a post-graduate degree in Corporate Law (Diplôme de Juriste Conseil en Entreprise) from the University of Cergy in France and an LL.M in European Law from Essex University in the United Kingdom. At undergraduate level she studied both French and UK-US law and also has a Bilingual Masters Degree in European Laws (with a UK-US law option) from the University of Paris X.

Languages spoken: French and English